Akashic Soul Perspectives

Maureen Welborn

Certified Akashic Record Reader, Clairvoyant,

Spiritual Counselor, Channeler, Minister, and

Teacher of Intuitive Development and Meditation

The Akashic Records
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The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contain the vibrational record of every soul and its journeys.  It is a healing realm that is highly supportive of our transformation and deeper understandings of life experiences.  Being in the energy of the Records opens us up to spiritual healing in a very safe space.  The energy of the Akashic allows us to release, lighten up and learn more about who we are. There can be a shift in perception which allows us to release limiting patterns, resentments and fears.  When that happens, you become unblocked and feel confident as you move forward in life.

About Maureen

Maureen has been a student of Metaphysics for more than three decades, a teacher for over 10 years and a reader for close to 20 years. Her explorations have led her to reading the Akashic Records which hold the story of your soul's journey.

  • discover the soul level Truth about you

  • live a more peaceful, less agitated life

  • release worries

  • gain new insights about relationships

  • heal old wounds

  • gain confidence, receive validation

  • open up to spiritual understanding about life situations

  • clarify life purposes

Benefits of an Akashic Reading

January Special

A Great Way to Begin the New Year

Book an appointment in January to receive 10% off a 30 or 60-minute reading.

Gift Certificates available

Akashic Readings are conducted in an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgment and peace.  All problems, issues or concerns are addressed in a neutral and confidential manner. 

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30 Minutes: $70

45 Minutes: $105

60 minutes: $125

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Akashic Record Reading
1 hr

Join our monthly Intuitive Development Class on the second Thursday of each month from 7:00PM-9:00PM at the Teaching of the Inner Christ Center.  Each month we have a guided meditation and work to identify and strengthen our intuitive abilities for use in daily life.  Class fee is $20.